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Turtle Web Privacy Policy


Turtle Web is provided to promote the uses and users of evolved turtle software. However, The Author also recoginizes the concerns about privacy when accessing the Internet.


Because Turtle Web is meant as a self-promoting site, as well as a public service, the commercial interests of Turtle Web are very limited. The Author takes certain steps to help pay for the expense of running the website, but does not have a "profit motivation". In other words, The Author wishes to cover expenses, not to create an income or profit center.

With this purpose in mind, The Author and Turtle Web take all measures to protect your privacy. While The Author and Turtle Web and its Contributors can make no guarentees of protecting your private information, all reasonable attempts are made to protect said information. The Author, Turtle Web, and Contributors make no guarentees to protect your privacy.

Email Addresses

To get the full benefits of this site, it is suggested that you register to obtain a login. Turtle Web utilizes email addresses for login names for several reasons. First, email addresses are unique, and in most cases convenient. Second, email addresses allow for contact that is not intrusive. Further, email addresses allow for contact between registered users when such contact is desired.

Your email address is never shared with commercial parties for any reason. Your email address is never given away or sold to any party as part of a list or individually. Every reasonable attempt is made to not reveal your email address on web pages where it may be harvested by web crawlers or others attempting to obtain email addresses for commercial purposes. However, no guarentee can be made that your address will be protected absolutely. For this reason, it is suggested that you register an address with Google Mail, or Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail, or any other public email provider, for the purpose of registering with Turtle Web. This will prevent any accidental or unintended publication of an email address that you wish to keep private.


Upon your first visit to Turtle Web, a cookie is sent to your computer that uniquely identifies your browser. A "cookie" is a small file containing a string of characters that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Turtle Web uses cookies strictly to implement user login, and for no other reason. The information stored in the cookie is a simple string of characters that are meant to be "random". No personal information is ever stored in cookies used by the Turtle Web.

You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. Turtle Web should continue to function properly if you disable cookies. However, the website addresses will not be as functional as when cookies are used, and may not function at all when trying to share website links with others.

Data Collection

Turtle Web, nor The Author, make any attempt to collect data about your use of the Turtle Web. The only exceptions are the turtle programs that registered users upload to their account, or any postings in Turtle Web blogs or user forums. However, this data is provided only in the context of Turtle Web, and is never intentionally analyzed for commercial purposes, and it is never purposely shared with commercial enterprises.

However, you should recognize that this information cannot be protected from web crawlers, search engines, or any other commercial enterprise who accesses the Turtle Web just as any anonymous user would. Therefore, you should always consider any upload or posting on Turtle Web to be in the "public domain". Never post anything to the site that you would not wish anyone to see. Never post anything to the site that you wish to keep private, or that you wish to protect with a patent, trademark, or copyright.


Because Turtle Web is a hobby for The Author, and resources are not available to make any guarentee of privacy, The Author, and Contributors, must disclaim any guarentee of privacy. Every attempt is made to protect your privacy, but those attempts are limitted by resources available to implement them.

Copyright(c) 1991-2006 by Timothy Gerard Endres. All rights are reserved.
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