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The BioLogo application is available for Windows users only. There are no ports of the BioLogo application to any platform other than Windows at this time. The windows installation is handled for you by the Windows Installer file provided below. Just double click the file after you download it, and windows will perform the installation for you. The installation includes an uninstall script which allows you to easily remove the installation using the "Add Remove Programs" (Windows XP) or "Programs and Features" (Windows Vista) control panel.

Download Windows Installer File

This file is a standard Windows Installer file. This is the recommended method for installing BioLogo, as it ensures that the installation follows all Windows standards, and it is Vista compatible. This installer will install the BioLogo application, install links in your Start menu, and register the installation with Windows so that you can easily remove the application later with the Windows "Add Remove Programs" control panel (which is now name "Programs and Features" in Vista). Just download the file and double click on it and Windows Installer should launch and install BioLogo onto your computer. The file's name is "biologo.msi".

Unsupported Installers

The installation files provided below are no longer supported. More specifically, these installers will not with with Vista. However, they are provided to you in the rare event that the Windows Installer file provided above does not work for your computer. These installers will install version 3.5.0 of BioLogo and will not be updated to any newer releases. Again, the Windows Installer file provided above is the preferred method for installing BioLogo.

Download Windows Setup ZIP Archive

This ZIP archive contains the Windows setup application. After you download this archive, extract the contents and run the SETUP.EXE application by double clicking the file. Setup will install the BioLogo application and supporting files, and create shortcuts in your Start menu. If you are using WinZip to open the archive, you can run the installer by double clicking the setup.exe file inside the archive's window. If you do not have WinZip, and you are running Windows XP, you can open the archive in Windows' Explorer as if it were a folder. If you do not have WinZip and you are not running Windows XP (or later), then you will need a utility to help you extract the ZIP archive's contents. You can find one at www.tucows.com (e.g. QuickZip and ZIPReader or search for "zip").

Download Windows Setup EXE AutoExtracting Archive

If you cannot find any way to extract the ZIP archive contents, you might try the EXE auto-extracting ZIP archive. Be aware, however, many firewalls and browser security settings will block EXE downloads.

Download Windows Setup ISO Image

This is an ISO image containing the Windows setup files. You can use this image to burn a CD using your preferred CD burning software. The CD will contain the Windows setup application and related files. Once you have burned the CD, load the CD, and launch the setup application by double clicking on the SETUP.EXE file in the top directory of the CD.

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